Community Hiring

At Bald Hill Builders, we have always valued diversity. We are committed to building and improving neighborhoods and communities through proactive and impactful community outreach, resident employment programs, and support for local, woman, and minority-owned businesses. We want the local community represented in the project’s construction to incorporate people of different backgrounds. We recruit qualified candidates and focus on people of color, women, local residents, and Section 3 workers in the project’s immediate vicinity. We look for opportunities to utilize an individual’s skills and experience to begin a construction career. Our process allows us to provide opportunities and training in project-related construction and non-construction jobs, such as clerical and sanitary work.

See open opportunities below:

Four Corners Plaza Project

1032 Bowdoin Street, Dorchester, MA 02121

3371-3375 Washington Street

3371-3375 Washington Street, Boston, MA 02130

37 Wales Street

37 Wales Street, Dorchester, MA 02124

1599 Columbus

1599 Columbus Ave, Boston, MA 02119

Bartlett F5

29 Bartlett Station Drive, Boston, MA 02119

Blue Hill Ave Project

Blue Hill Ave B1 Parcels

170 Cottage

Blue Hill Ave B1 Parcels