General Contracting:

Bald Hill Builders general contracting services may include: applying for building permits, securing the property, providing temporary utilities on site, managing on-site personnel, providing site surveying and engineering, disposing of and recycling construction waste, monitoring schedules and cash flows, and maintaining accurate records.  We pride ourselves in our quality of craftsmanship, attentiveness to cost and above all our superior “Customer Experience” that our clients have grown to expect.

Construction Management:

Bald Hill Builders provides our clients with an expert team of experienced professionals to manage each project.  Our team has significant experience in negotiating with building and government officials.  The success of any project is driven by our team-based approach in which the goals and objectives of the Owner are fully understood by all participants involved.  Aggressive and competitive subcontractor bidding, value engineering, and cost control will be performed to obtain a better value for lower costs, both short and long-term.

Preconstruction Services:

Bald Hill Builders recognizes that the goal of any project is to not only meet the needs of the facility owner, but also those of the eventual end-users.  As a result, we offer our clients a complete range of preconstruction services that take into consideration everything from budgeting and timing of the project to eventual building use and design metrics in order to deliver a complete, on-time and on spec project that meets your visual and financial requirements.

Design Build:

Design Build can save the client time and money while providing the opportunity to achieve innovation in the finished project.  One of the key benefits of the design-build acquisition approach is the ability to ”fast track” construction projects to accelerate project schedules while gaining cost efficiencies. Bald Hill Builders assists clients in achieving these benefits by integrating designers and contractors during all phases of the project. Specifically, key members of our experienced construction staff perform ”constructability assessments” of the design during its development. The Project Design staff works closely with our construction workforce during the construction and post-construction phases to quickly and effectively resolve functional or quality issues should they arise. This is a critical element of our construction quality culture.

Affordable Housing:

Bald Hill Builders supports the development of affordable and sustainable housing to attract and retain a diverse population, stabilize, strengthen neighborhoods and, support workforce housing through the construction and rehabilitation of affordable housing construction projects. BHB believes construction funds should remain in the communities in which we work, providing economic opportunities to a diverse local workforce and material suppliers.

Matt Grosshandler and his team are experts in managing fast-paced, detail oriented projects in occupied facilities.  It should come as no surprise that when the Four Seasons Hotel is undergoing its next renovation project, that we brought Matt Grosshandler and Bald Hill Builders in to oversee the this project as well.
Julie Santosuosso
Four Seasons Hotel, Project Manager