About Us

Our Culture: Building, Problem-Solving and Diversity

At Bald Hill Builders, our New England roots run deep. In 2004, Brenda Laurenza and her husband, Matt Grosshandler, purchased their dream property: an American Revolution-era home flanked by an early 19th century stone barn and carriage house, on a sprawling Massachusetts dairy farm known locally as Bald Hill. After spending years restoring their beloved property, Brenda and Matt decided it was time to turn their passion into a full-time business. And so, Bald Hill Builders was born.

BHB began with a simple mission: to build a better experience for our clients. All too often, clients have a less than optimal experience working with their builders. We set out to change that—one relationship at a time.

From the beginning, our founder, Brenda Laurenza, sought to foster the kind of relationships that most traditional builders overlook. BHB understands the importance of building a company that cares about its main assets: its people and its clients. With great people and a supportive and flexible work environment, the team at BHB is better able to provide superior customer service and create a better experience throughout the whole building process.

Our success at BHB hinges on a number of factors:

  • Our versatility
  • Our willingness to work as a team
  • Our proactive problem-solving
  • Our trustworthiness

We’re proud of the fact that 97% of our work is repeat business. Not only are we bonded to $100 million; we’re also an open shop, which gives us the flexibility to pursue a wide range of projects.

We hand pick team members who best embody these qualities and we align ourselves with like-minded architects, engineers, subcontractors and construction professionals in the industry in order to achieve the greatest results.

Building a Better Experience Through a Great Culture

A positive work environment is not only imperative for our physical, mental and emotional health; it produces real results. Great cultures are built on mutual respect and a supportive atmosphere—a place where everyone, no matter their background, is valued and empowered.

At Bald Hill Builders, we believe our people are the pillars of our organization. We take great pride in providing a positive, professional, safe and interactive work environment that allows our team to be productive and creative. Our open-door policy always offers all employees access to senior management. We believe in providing growth opportunities, training, tools and resources for our employees to advance their careers and perform at the highest levels.

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