Todd Small

Todd Small: General Superintendent

With a robust 20-year career in construction, Todd Small serves as the General Superintendent at Bald Hill Builders, leveraging over seven years of dedicated service to ascend to his current role. His journey within the company is marked by exemplary execution, oversight, and unwavering attention to detail on every project.

As General Superintendent, Todd is entrusted with managing field personnel across all active projects, ensuring Bald Hill Builders consistently exceeds client and owner expectations. Todd’s leadership style is one of setting high standards for excellence, leading by example, and demanding nothing less than exceptional performance from his entire team.

Todd holds a spectrum of licenses and certifications, including an Unrestricted Construction Supervisors License, OSHA 30, OSHA 510, Lead Safe Certified Renovator, Certified Passive House Builder, Hot Work Certified, CPR/First Aid Certified, and L.E.A.D.R. for Life certification from Crestcom International.

His commitment to upholding the highest safety standards, expertise, and leadership makes Todd Small an indispensable asset to Bald Hill Builders, ensuring the successful execution of every project under his supervision.